Current Reading, June 1 – 7, 2015

out of gasWow, June already. I made a strong start on the Expanse series (see last Current Reading post), reading the first one, 580 pages, in six days which is good for me.

Then I ran out of oomph. One minute I had a bunch of books I was dying to read, and suddenly I didn’t feel like reading anything. Nothing, not one darn thing, not a book, a magazine or a coupon for free cookie dough. That’s bad.

How does that happen? I always have tons of books I’m simply dying to get to. Usually the problem is picking which of them to start. But now? Nope.

Dogs-of-RigaSo I guess what I’ll do is pick a book or two of short stories in case I get some brief reading urges, and work back up to novels. I have several story collections with bookmarks in them, and others in the TBR that may look interesting. Meanwhile, the weather has been warm and there’s lots of gardening to do, or I can work on a jigsaw puzzle, or watch a movie, or…

No such problem for Barbara, who finished Michael Connelly’s The Concrete Blond and is halfway through The Dogs of Riga by Henning Mankell.

Have you read these books or authors? What are you reading?

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17 Responses to Current Reading, June 1 – 7, 2015

  1. Richard, I’m currently reading IN BITTER CHILL, the debut novel by blog friend Sarah Ward who kindly sent me a review copy of the crime fiction.

  2. Jerry House says:

    Stephen King’s new book FINDERS, KEEPERS came in last week and I dropped everything to read it. If Annie Wilkes from MISERY was an obsessed fan, then Morris Bellamy from FINDERS, KEEPERS is Annie on steroids. Morris has killed a reclusive author who hasn’t published anything for eighteen years to possess the notebooks the author kept over that time. Shortly after Morris has hidden the notebooks, he is arrested for a vicious rape and sent to prison for life. Years later, thirteen-year-old Pete Saubers discovers Morris’ stash, putting himself and his family in danger when Morris is paroled after spending 34 years in prison. A great suspense novel with strong ties to King’s earlier MR. MERCEDES.

    King pushed aside some planned reading, but I did get to Robert Weinberg’s WT50: A TRIBUTE TO WEIRD TALES and his THE WEIRD TALES STORY. I also read Erle Stanley Gardner’s MEXICO’S MAGIC SQUARE, a travel book about the interior of Baja California, and I just started with Hugh B. Cave’s Peter Kane detective stories in BOTTLED IN BLONDE.

    Also coming up this week: family and friends will be descending with several planned events lined up so I have no idea how much reading I’ll be able to squeeze in, but reading has always taken a second place to family. (I’m obsessive, but not THAT obsessive.) I hope you are enjoying the good weather to the max.

    • Richard says:

      I saw WT50 on your blog, Jerry, and the other WT stuff. I thought that Gardner was one of his travel books. That Cave sounds familiar but I haven’t read it. Enjoy the family visits. Our “good weather” is in actuality in the 90s and way too hot for me. The air is running around the clock.

  3. Rick, sounds like you have reading burn-out. You might want to watch some TV series until the urge to read returns. Maybe something like HAVE GUN–WILL TRAVEL. I’m trying to alternate between fiction and nonfiction books right now. I’m getting ready for TIME TRAVEL WEEK, too.

    • Richard says:

      George, it’s a good idea, but I’m just not much of a TV watcher, I guess. We did watch the Tony Awards last night. What is Time Travel Week?

  4. I’m not sure why that happens either, but it does. Usually when I have the reading urge it isn’t just for one book, it is for MANY, which almost feels overwhelming. After months of very little reading I have the urge back. I finished one Sharon Lee/Steve Miller book over the weekend and started reading the next one, while listening to the one after that, since they overlap. I made good progress. I also read most of editor Lou Anders’ first YA book, Frostborn, yesterday and this morning. I will finish it tonight, most likely. Very enjoyable. I’m also continuing to re-read Robert E. Howard Conan stories.

    In an effort to cull some books and reshelve others I spent a good bit of time yesterday going through bookshelves and book piles, which brings it clearly to mind how many books I own, and want to read, that I haven’t gotten to. Really makes me want to go back to exercising a little more self-control when it comes to book buying. I’ve only been doing that of late because of the lack of desire to read. I need to have better control when the reading urge is upon me.

    Gonna be hard to do that with going to Dream Haven, Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s here in a few weeks. 🙂

    • Richard says:

      Carl, I’m slowly reading some short stories, or I should say I’m making my way in some short story collections slowly. In the last couple of days I’ve read 3 short stories. I’ll get out of this don’t-feel-like-reading thing eventually, meanwhile I’ll stay with short stuff. What’s Dream Haven?

      • Dream Haven is a bookstore and publisher (not sure they publish anymore) that was near where Neil Gaiman’s Minnesota home was (or I guess still is given that he owns it, even if he doesn’t regularly reside there). They specialize in having a lot of autographed copies of books as well as thousands of used SFF. The store had closed for awhile and was strictly online, but now is open again. Mary and I plan to spend some hours there while visiting my sister and her family in Minn.i a couple of weeks.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Been there. That’s happened to me. Short stories is definitely the way to go, even if that’s all you read for a few days until something catches your fancy. I’ve returned some read and unread books to the library to clear that shelf.

    I figured I should read MR. MERCEDES before the new King book so got that from the library, but I’m not sure I want to read it now.

    New arrivals (already mentioned): Murray Leinster’s Baen Books collection, PLANETS OF ADVENTURE. Patricia Abbott’s CONCRETE ANGEL.

    Books read: BLOOD SWEEP, the latest Steven F. Havill. Havill’s fine regional series is set in the imaginary Posadas County, New Mexico, adjoining the Mexican border and has featured (now retired) Sheriff Bill Gastner, his protegee (and chief Detective) Estelle Reyes-Guzman and current Sheriff Bobby Torrez, among others, and this case hits close to home with them. I’m recommend finding the first book (HEARTSHOT) and reading them in order if you like that one. I read the first six in a month (in 1998). There are currently 19 in the series.

    Some years ago (1999) I read and really liked THE WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD, a short story collection by David Gates. I later read his novel PRESTON FALLS, which I also enjoyed, so was happy to see his new collection (a novella and short stories), A HAND REACHED DOWN TO GUIDE ME. I wasn’t as bowled over as with the first book but it was still worth a read.

    Current reading: not sure what short stories I will read next but I’ve started (50 pages) Patti Abbott’s CONCRETE ANGEL and so far, so good. Patti, I’m impressed.

    • Richard says:

      I’m slogging my way into the LOCKED ROOM anthology, have read 3 or 4 stories so far, all of them rereads. I figure I’ve read about a third of the stories in it, but that first section, you may recall, is the very oft reprinted ones. I may switch over to another collection today, as it’s too damn hot to go outside, with temps in the mid 90s.

      I’ve read something (short story?) by Havill, but can’t tell you what. Patti’s book is on the top of the queue, but I’m not ready for it yet. That book of NY essays you recommended has been mailed from Bookswap member, and should arrive sometime soon.

  6. I go through phases like that myself. not sure why

    • Richard says:

      Charles, it’s odd how that happens, isn’t it? One day I can’t read fast enough to get to the next exciting book, then my desire to read just goes away.

  7. I’m tentatively scheduling TIME TRAVEL WEEK for June 29-July 5. Like last year’s MARS WEEK, I’ll be posting about TIME TRAVEL books, movies, and TV shows. Should be fun!

  8. Richard says:

    George, sounds like lots of fun. I wonder if there will be any Time Patrol books?

  9. I do have a copy of Paul Anderson’s TIME PATROL but that might have to wait until next year. I’m trying to suggest some off-beat Time Travel novels in addition to the movie and TV shows.

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