The Hugo Awards brouhaha

hugo_smThose of you who are readers of science fiction and follow the awards given each year, this is an interesting time of year because the Hugo Award nominations are posted. I usually look forward to the list as a guide to the best of the SF novels, novellas and short stories from the previous year that I may have missed or just need to be reminded of.

However, this year politics has taken over what should be a process to identify the best quality writing. A group – two of them, actually – of what appear to be far right wingers have created a slate and in the name of whatever it is they think is right (think Ted Cruz here) have legally jiggered the nomination process to force their special favorites onto the ballot.

In my opinion the credibility of the Hugo Awards has been compromised to the point of  the awards becoming inconsequential. It’s a real shame. For more on this here are a couple of links worth your time:

Scalzi’s take

Book Smuggler’s take 

There are also many (many!) posts available via Google featuring smug right wing gloats and brags, if that’s your thing.

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4 Responses to The Hugo Awards brouhaha

  1. It’s sad that politics is tainting a respected SF Award. I remember when I read every Hugo Award winner. Now, it’s just a political game.

  2. Richard says:

    George, this has become a huge deal as the ballot has become hostage to politics. It’s a real shame.

  3. fence says:

    It is a real shame. I had a supporting membership of last year’s one, so was able to nominate, and did so based on books/stories I had *enjoyed* not based on what political structure the author was deemed to follow.

    I was planning on buying another membership this year, but now I’m not so sure I can afford to waste €50 or whatever it is voting for a whole heap of “No award”. But at the same time that is the only thing that might stop this happening again next year, if none of the nominees get an award. I’m not sure yet though

  4. Richard says:

    I hear you on that, it’s a lot of money just to vote No Award for many of the categories. I hate that this happened, but I guess not enough to spend $40 to vote. I will, however, be boycotting the publisher and authors responsible for Sad Puppies and Angry Puppies by not buying or reading them. Not that they’ll care at all.

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