Left Coast Crime 2015 – Crimelandia report day 2

CrimelandiaThe halls are aswarm, with  the fans of mystery…

Friday. The first full day of panels and events at LCC. It seems all 635 attendees are raising their voices in conversation as we arrived at the hotel this morning. The first panel we attended was Mean Streets: Pulp Detectives of the Past & Present with Evan Lewis (M), Dale Berry, Craig Faustus Buck, William E. Wallace and Tim Wohlforth. Lewis had a nice slide show of pulp covers and hard boiled paperback covers. From there the panelists went straight into their interpretation of noir and the panel didn’t get back to the actual topic. Interesting, sorta.

Next was Cliches in Crime Fiction, with David Corbett (M), Lisa Albert,  Blake Crouch, Bill Fitzhugh and James Ziskin. This was a great panel, full of humor and confession – every writer uses cliches to some extent and just about every character type, landscape and situation either is a cliche or lends itself to one.

We spent time with Cap’n Bob, Dave Lewis and Thom Wall before getting an unsatisfactory lunch, in the hotel.  The weather clouded up, but it was nice, and after a walk and more chatting, Barbara took in the BookRelated Mysteries panel. Remember that Barbara reads gritty thrillers, serial killer and dark mysteries. So what was the panel about? Cozies with books, recipies, cats, amateur crime solver ladies and such gooey stuff. I’m glad I missed it.

I decided to nap/read through the next group of panels, but Barbara went to Five FBI Agents Discuss Their Jobs. She said it was very interesting and the speakers were really sharp.

Then we had dinner, which was a mistake because the evening event, a tribute to LCC 25 Years, had tons of food, but how did we know? That event itself, was less than stellar, and included– wait for it — a magician. Let the memories flow, those of you who know the reference. We left halfway through, and gladly.

The bar was hopping when we walked past, but we weren’t tempted. Tired, we returned to the room, where I typed this up.

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8 Responses to Left Coast Crime 2015 – Crimelandia report day 2

  1. Richard, I enjoyed reading your Day 1 & 2 reports about your visit to Left Coast Crime 2015. We need something like this in my part of the world. We either have mega literary events or small writing workshops and reading sessions. I don’t think I have seen a theme-based event like LCC in Bombay.

  2. Patti Abbott says:

    I have never been fond of magicians. Seems like something for kids to me. But I wish I was there if only to meet you, Dave and Cap’n Bob. That would have been a treat.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Sounds good, especially seeing friends. I’m surprised you weren’t informed that there would be food at the festivities. A magician? Fie! The only magic performance I’ve ever enjoyed was the late Walter B. Gibson, who did his very entertaining routine at a Bouchercon.

  4. Sounds like a fun-filled day. I’m with Jeff on magicians.

  5. Richard says:

    Peasant, all it takes is a few people with the energy to put on a small con, and some authors willing to attend and be on panels.

  6. Richard says:

    Patti, you’d be having fun, there are a lot of authors here you would know of and could meet, plus the blog gang, who are here.

  7. Richard says:

    Jeff, not as much social stuff going on for me this time; no room parties, not as much going out to meals, even the bar, though crowded, didn’t have much going on. So this time it’s more just going to panels, chatting in the hallways and hanging out in the book room.

  8. Richard says:

    I mentioned the magician only because there was some bad magician thing at a previous con, and I thought you long time mystery fans might remember.

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