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Stimulating the Economy!

Our house is a little over 18 years old. I’d expect a roof to last longer, but this one was about played out due to rain, moss, wind and exposure. So it was time for a replacement, an expensive proposition as … Continue reading

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ffb: Watson’s Choice by Gladys Mitchell

this is the 167th in my series of seldom read or forgotten books Watson’s Choice by Gladys Mitchell, London: Michael Joseph, 1955 After reading a review – or at least a mention – of this on a blog recently, for one … Continue reading

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New Arrivals

Which one of these would you start with? Recently reading an old July 2011 post on the Vintage Hardboiled Reads blog, I realized I hadn’t ever read a book by Jack Higgins (!). So I picked three at random: East … Continue reading

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Current Reading, February 16 – 22, 2015

It’s been a busy week, but I did work in some reading. I finished Watson’s Choice by Gladys Mitchell as mentioned in the last Current Reading post (over on Broken Bullhorn), and liked it though I thought the ending somewhat pale. Next for … Continue reading

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It’s Happening Again

It’s my habit that as I read various reviews in print and on-line magazines and blogs to check if the library has books I think I’d like to read. They often do and I put things on hold. Usually there’s a … Continue reading

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